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The GATOR 3-point PTO Canal Pump

GATOR Pump, Inc. introduces  a 3-point hook up pto pump for canal and river bank pumping.

Designed with the small utility tractor owner in mind, the 3-pt Canal Pump can be used for dewatering, pond aeration, flood irrigation, duck impoundments, and many other applications.

The pump raises and lowers with standard tractor hydraulic connections, similar to operating a standard pto-powered posthole digger.   It rests on steel feet for easy hook-up and release.

Same solid steel design and efficient impeller construction found in every GATOR PUMP.



                                                                                                                        Discharge:         Max Hp required:           Flow:

6”                           60                         2000 gpm

8″                           75                         3800 gpm

10″                        100                        5200 gpm


Standard Features include:

Screened Intake

Cam Lock Fitting on Discharge

Bondioli 1:1 Ratio Gearbox

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