Wetland Management Applications

wetland pump

The U.S. has hundreds of thousands of named lakes and countless ponds, many of which are on private property.  With hunting and fishing sport and leisure activity at an all-time high, GATOR Pump has become the recognized leader in providing pumps that create wildlife habitats for hunters and fishermen.

Protecting our wildlife and wetlands is a top priority for several State and Federal Government Departments who have been repeat GATOR Pump customers for decades.  Our pumps are durable, easy to operate and maintain, making GATOR Pump the economical and smart choice of professional clubs and government agencies across the nation.  We even provide equipment for the Robertson family of “Duck Dynasty” fame, who manage their wetlands with a GATOR Pump!

Wetland Management Pump Applications include:

  • Flooding of wildlife habitats for duck hunting
  • Cleaning of ponds, lagoons, or lakes of sludge and sediment
  • Aquatic weed control pump
  • High-volume water transfers from ponds, canals, ditches, and lakes

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