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All GATOR Pumps come with a one year warranty for parts and labor. When you receive your pump you will be provided with an operations manual and a warranty certificate with the warranty terms and conditions. Some pump applications are eligible for an extended warranty option which will be discussed with the buyer at time of purchase.

Normal service requirements are minimal and are easily performed by the purchaser and we will be happy to advise and assist with normal operations questions. Maintenance service will be provided by our dealers or factory reps within the continental U.S. Outside U.S. Repairs are provided by contract maintenance.

We have pumped lime slurry, heavy manure slurry and oil field drilling mud at 12 pounds/US gallon. Please send us information on the consistency: we know if you can mix it and slurry it so that it flows, our pump can agitate and pump it.

Performance varies by size of pump. All Pump curves depicting max flow and discharge rate and shutoff can be found for each of our models on our website at https://gatorpump.com/products/trailer-centrifugal-pumps-compact-trailer-models-540-rpm-pto/

The GATOR pump can operate in a mine environment if the mine depth does not exceed pump flow shutoff. Consult our engineering team and our tables/charts. https://gatorpump.com/products/trailer-centrifugal-pumps-compact-trailer-models-540-rpm-pto/ We also provide high volume feed to in stage lift pumps and most often work in mine settlement and containment pits to help pump wastewater contaminants and prevent over-topping events.

The GATOR Pump can be powered by power takeoff (PTO) shaft, diesel engine or electric motor via reduction gear box or belt and sheave reduction with pump speed set for desired performance. This combination of drives are available on all trailer, vertical or float mounted pumps. VSD/VFD are available.

The pump requires no regular cleaning other than an occasional wash down with a water hose to remove debris or material from the impeller or body of the pump. When you stop pumping, the water in the discharge line will back flow and wash out the pump housing.

There is a hard-wall discharge pump that is mounted on the frame to carry water from the pump impeller to the front of the pump. We use extension “lay-flat” collapsible flexible tubing to guide the discharge flow from the pump outlet to your desired point of discharge. We can quote and provide this tubing, clamps and accessories in any length or quantity that you need.

The largest pump we manufacture is a 24” discharge with a rated flow of 18,000 US GPM. See our engineering and performance curves here.

All of our pumps have been tested and engineering performance curves have been certified by a licensed Professional Engineer.

Replacement parts are available for world-wide delivery. Spare parts kits are recommended for international sales.