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GATOR High Volume Water Pumps fight El Niño

Global food markets could be disrupted by the El Niño event predicted for later this year. Forecasters agree that the El Niño effect, which can drive droughts and flooding, is under way in the tropical Pacific. Reduced rainfall could be felt in Central America, India and West Africa beginning in June, say scientists. A strong El Niño is likely to increase prices of staple foods such as rice, coffee, sugar and cocoa by 5 to 10%.

Most El Niños historically have had a global impact on food prices and there is very good agreement that there is a 70% chance of a “moderate” El Niño event this year that is likely to lead to droughts and crop failures that can disrupt global food markets. Coffee plantations in Brazil already on the brink of failure could be jeopardized, while reduced rainfall in Australia could affect banana and sugarcane crops as well as cattle herds. This also could bring a drier monsoon than normal in India, ruining crops such as groundnut and rice. The El Niño five years ago was linked with poor monsoons in Southeast Asia, droughts in southern Australia, the Philippines and Ecuador, blizzards in the US, heatwaves in Brazil and extreme flooding in Peru and Mexico.

An El Niño comes along about every two to seven years as part of a natural cycle. Smart farmers and growers are getting ready before the catastrophe strikes by installing large volume water pumps and GATOR Pump is at the front of this effort. Our versatile line of high volume pumps are easy to operate and are known for their years of dependable performance. In this video, the GATOR Pump 16” TARPON pump delivers over 10,000 gallons per minute using only 80 hp with a 540 rpm tractor. The GATOR PUMP is helping mitigate crop losses so growers can protect their investments from the crippling impact of El Niño weather disruptions.

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