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When you need to move large volumes of water or heavy solids and you want a pump that’s built to last, you need a GATOR trailer mounted pump or vertical centrifugal pump! GATOR high volume pumps are used for flood irrigation, flood control, liquid waste pumping, pond transfer in wildlife management, fish hatcheries, oil well reserve pits, and a variety of other application.

GATOR Pumps are custom designed and fabricated in solid steel and can be powered by tractor, diesel, or hydraulic power sources. Pumps are available in several configurations, including trailer, vertical, and floating versions.

GATOR pumps are unique in that they are virtually maintenance-free due to a design without seals, check valves or priming devices. Many GATOR Pumps sold the first year the company began manufacturing are still in operation – since 1977!

Our customers include individuals and companies in the agriculture, aqua-culture and oilfield industries as well as hunting and fishing concerns, and municipalities. GATOR Pumps are used extensively by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, U.S. Coast Guard, and other federal, state and municipal government agencies.

When you need to move water or heavy suspended solids, get it moving now … GET A GATOR !