A lagoon is a shallow pool of water separate from a larger body of water like the ocean. Solids can accumulate on the bottom of the lagoon, reducing the space for influent flow, and must be regularly removed using a pump. Pumping solids from a lagoon can minimize the chance of contamination from runoff waste and allow for improved capacity. Various industries, including fruit and vegetable processing, wineries, oil fields, feedlots, dairy processing, and municipal water treatment applications, rely on lagoons to catch materials of various consistencies. The solids also vary in abrasiveness, such as mature fine tailings, a highly abrasive mine waste prevalent in quarry lagoons. Lagoons in the industrial sector are sometimes called settling ponds and often require pumping and maintenance to prevent the lagoon from exceeding its maximum capacity and maintain efficiency.

GATOR Pumps offers a variety of high-quality pumps for maintaining lagoons and filling ponds. Our pumps can remove suspended solids from lagoons to maintain efficiency in industrial and agricultural applications and can fill ponds to attract birds and waterfowl. We offer high-quality solutions for various pumping applications.

Lagoon Maintenance

Slurry PumpLagoons can overflow into nearby bodies of water, such as streams, during heavy rainstorms when they are damaged or not adequately maintained, resulting in contamination and health hazards. Some signs that a lagoon is not working properly include a strong odor, the presence of mosquito larvae, or experiencing heavy overflow.

Lagoon sludge removal is essential for lagoon maintenance, often for waste solids removal. A technician agitates the solids or sludge to create a slurry mixture of suspended solids for removal using a pump. Agricultural fields can use GATOR Pump’s agricultural pumps to pump manure from lagoons for reuse as fertilizer. Pumping is critical to maintaining the lagoon’s efficiency by de-sludging it regularly as sediment accumulates. GATOR Pump sludge pumps remove solids in a slurry and offer high abrasion, wear resistance, longevity, and low energy consumption. They are ideal for lagoon pumping solids in a range of applications, including: 

  • Hog waste management
  • Mine tailings lagoons
  • Dairy manure ponds, pits, and lagoons 
  • Industrial food pulp waste
  • Feedlot manure ponds and lagoons  
  • Oilfield sludge ponds
  • Food processing wastewater

Why Lagoon Pump for Waterfowl and Other Birds?

Slurry Pump

Lagoon pumps can attract birds like waterfowl for recreational purposes by manipulating vegetation in moist-soil wetlands for dabbling ducks. The consistent influent flow of organic matter, such as human sewage, is why many birds gather at sewage lagoons. Wetland management pumps from GATOR Pumps are ideal for transferring water into duck ponds to attract migratory waterfowl for hunting.

Wetlands with high organic bases are suitable for producing midges and other aquatic insects. Midge larvae or bloodworms can concentrate in large numbers during the late spring causing waste-lagoon shorelines to have a crimson-red color. The EPA heavily monitors oil field containment sludge pits, agricultural holding pods, and manure waste ponds for compliance with clean water standards.

Lagoon Pumps From GATOR Pump

Lagoon pumps maintain the efficiency of lagoons to prevent overflow that may result in contamination of nearby water sources. Sludge or solids settled on the bottom of the lagoon can be agitated to create a slurry for easy collection by the pump. Lagoon pumps can also fill duck ponds to attract waterfowl and other birds for recreational purposes.

GATOR Pumps has been delivering high-quality pumps since 1977. Our pumps include hydraulic, floating, vertical, and trailer pumps and are customizable to suit your application. Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our pump solutions.