Oilfield, Refinery, Energy Water Pumps

GATOR Pumps can be found in a wide range of petroleum industry applications where continuous operation is key to profitability. Downtime for pump replacement or maintenance can cause significant investment loss and we can protect your operation with our rugged and reliable equipment.

Gator Pump has extensive experience working in corrosive and abrasive fluids and easily handles heavy suspended solids. We can slurry and pump simultaneously and immediately lower your operation and labor costs.

Talk with our engineering team and we will help you select the GATOR Pump that best serves your need.

Applications include:

  • Drill mud heavy handling
  • Water injection feed and transfer
  • Environmental cleanup and pit sludge
  • Emergency storm deluge flood dewatering
  • Coal and lignite settling ponds
  • Oilfield water and mud injection pumps
  • Refinery fire suppression pumps
  • Water tanker truck loading

Oil Field Refinery Water Pump