All our products are steel manufactured for high performance, long-life and low operating cost. GATOR Pumps are available on horizontal trailers, floating pontoons, or as fixed vertical installations, all with multiple power drive options. Flows up to 18,000 US gallons per minute.

floating vertical pump

Floating and Vertical Pumps

Barge, pontoon or fixed vertical mount with multiple power options.

Trailer Pumps

Portable road-ready towing. No priming, no check valves, no suction lines.

Mining and Pit Pumps

High solid handling performance. Float at surface or pump from bottom.

manure sludge slurry pump

Sludge, Slurry and Manure Pumps

Slurry valve directs flow to mix and agitate, then closes for pumping.

canal pumps

Custom Specialty Pumps

3-point PTO Canal Pump, Center Pivot Irrigation Pump, Handheld Cart Pump

Performance and Engineering Specifications

Spec Sheet and individual Pump Curves for all models. Standard 1 year ...

As a manager at a wetland habitat for migrating waterfowl, I have depended on Gator Pumps to provide the water needed to fulfill my needs and it is clear that Gator Pump has established a reputation for building a quality product for a fair price and back it with quality support.

Vic Elam

Deputy Project Leader, Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge

I have worked with Dale Lemmons at Gator Pump and have purchased 4 16” ditchrider pumps and found them all to be extremely reliable, durable and requiring only minimal routine maintenance. Our pumps are used under very harsh climatic conditions with muddy water, long run times, extreme cold winters and summer heat. I have also found the staff Gator Pump to be extremely helpful when technical assistance is needed.

Thomas A. Cox

Project Leader, DeSoto & Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuges

After using several of the “Big Name” pumps I was sure there wasn’t a product on the market that could move our drilling mud. I was having to use an excavator and two dump trucks to move the mud. We found Gator Pumps and purchased a 12″ PTO driven pump. We were able to move our mud in half the time with less effort. What used to require three pieces of machinery and three operators now requires one tractor and one worker checking on the pump periodically.  We also use our Gator Pump to pump rain water off our pits. The pumps are almost maintenance free and absolute workhorses. Save yourself the frustration of trying to find the right pump for your operation. Just call Dale and the guys at Gator. They’ll fix you up and you won’t be disappointed.

Marshall Schlessiger

Operations Manager, Weeks Environmental - Catarina, TX


We offer life-long relationships of trust and confidence with our customers. Service before and after the sale is our bond.

We build in solid steel with over 40 years of master craftsmanship experience. We make tough, reliable and economical pumps.

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Advanced Technology

All impellers are efficiently designed on a logarithmic spiral calculation. No suction lines, priming or check valves.

Expert Engineers

Our engineering team reviews all standard and customer requested design changes for optimum performance.

Customer Support

Our promise to our customer is to build and support a quality product that will last for generations to use and admire.

Delivery On time

We will deliver your pump to meet your operational schedule. We know timing is everything during drought or flood.


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