Sludge, Slurry, Manure Waste Handling

GATOR Pumps are proven performers for entities and individuals who must handle high solid material in order to meet regulatory compliance standards for waste runoff, lagoon pond management, and mine settling pit drainage.

GATOR Pumps are engineered to withstand abrasive and caustic fluid properties that other pumps cannot tolerate in hostile pumping environments. We can stir, slurry then transfer with the same GATOR Pump.

Applications For Regular and Emergency Operations:

  • Dairy and feedlot manure lagoon management
  • Food plant pulp and waste processing
  • Cleaning of ponds, lagoons, or lakes of sludge and sediment
  • Landfill leachate
  • Sewage plant transfer pumping
  • Lime slurry mines

Waste Water Handling Sludge Slurry Water Pumps