Large bodies of water require management. Storms and hurricanes can cause ponds, lakes, or canals to flood and damage the surrounding community. Periods of drought can also cause harm to communities by killing vegetation and contributing to soil erosion. In both of these situations, using a specially developed pump to irrigate a body of water can help maintain the landscape and environment, as well as protect property and infrastructure from flood water damage.

Irrigation is simply the transfer of a controlled amount of water to a more desirable area of land. It is performed for many reasons, such as for agriculture, to revegetate land affected by drought, or to prevent a body of water from flooding during a storm. Gator Pump creates high-performance irrigation pumps uniquely designed to move and maintain a desired water level for lakes, ponds, and lagoons. 

Lake Water Pumping for Irrigation

Pumping Water Form A Lake For Irrigation

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Gator Pump’s products are designed to transport water while solving the challenges typically associated with this undertaking. These pumps are scalable in size and can pump lake water for consumer-based purposes, like sprinkler systems or garden hoses, as well as handle bigger tasks for applications such as crop and livestock care or general water management. 

Pumping water from a lake for irrigation can have several difficulties that require a specialized solution. Lakes are typically filled with debris such as dirt, floating logs, tree branches, trash, and weeds. These materials often flow toward the pump and can create clogs that damage the intake impeller. Lake irrigation pumps from Gator Pump are designed to address these issues with a steel cage that surrounds the pump intake, safely protecting it from obstruction and damage. 

Gator Pumps can be rolled into the lake on a trailer-mounted frame.  Some lake and river banks are steep and trailer entry is not feasible. For these circumstances, Gator Pump has developed vertical and floating barge water pumps. Our solutions for lake water irrigation also include pumps that rest on floats just below the water’s surface and use fine screen steel mesh to filter out smaller particulates. This ensures clean water flow to help avoid nozzles or sprinklers, clogs from mud, and debris found in lake or pond water.

Different Pumps for Different Applications

Gator Pumps offers many types of high-performance pumping solutions. Selecting the most suitable type for any lake-related application involves several considerations:

  • How steep is the embankment?
  • How much does the water depth change?
  • Does the impeller need to be adjusted to remain off the lake bottom?

In addition to our selection of standard pump lengths, we also design custom-sized pumps according to the requirements of each project. We also carry a selection of storm and flood pumps as well as agriculture and irrigation water pumps, designed to solve the unique challenges of using lake water for irrigation. 

Storm & Flood Pumps

These products pump large volumes of water either before, during, or after a storm, to prevent flood water accumulation. They typically feature clog-resistant impellers as well as protected power drives, to provide high efficiency with minimal downtime due to damage from debris. Storm and flood pumps from Gator Pump can be used along large bodies of water as well as within flat land areas featuring low points in the terrain.  Our portable trailer-mounted design enables rapid employment and redeployment to the point of need during emergency pumping operations.

Agriculture & Irrigation Pumps

Gator Pumps products for agriculture and irrigation are also highly suitable for use in lakes, canals, rivers, ponds, and ditches. They are portable, durable, and highly reliable due to their unique design and construction. These pumps do not need priming and have no suction hoses, check valves, or mechanical seals, making them mostly maintenance-free and cost-efficient. 

Pump Solutions for Irrigations From Gator Pump

Gator Pump offers numerous types of customizable pumps for irrigation applications. Whether they’re used in a lake, river, or pond, these products deliver reliable performance while solving flooding or drought-related problems. If you have any questions about our storm and flood pumps, or agriculture and irrigation pumps, please contact us. You can get started on a customized solution today by requesting a quote today. 

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