Mining and Construction Water Pumps

GATOR Pumps can be found in a wide range of industrial and construction applications where continuous flow is key to profitability.

We have extensive experience working in corrosive and abrasive fluids and can help avoid downtime for pump replacement or maintenance. Our engineering team can optimize a GATOR Pump to best serves your unique operational requirement.

Applications include:

  • Storm deluge pumps
  • Coal and Lignite settling pond containment
  • Gravel and sand quarries dewatering
  • Landfill reclamation and clean-up operators
  • Mining pit settling pond water transfer pumps
  • Oilfield water and mud injection pumps
  • Refinery fire suppression feed pumps
  • Canal and river bypass pumping
  • Potash, Gold, and Lime slurry

Mining And Construction High Volume Water Pump