GATOR Pumps are steel fabricated with heavy duty structural steel tubing. Cases and impellers are made of 3/8″ steel plate.

GATOR Trailer Centrifugal Pumps supply large volumes of water using tractor, diesel, or electric power. Trailer pumps are available with either 540 or 1000 RPM PTO drive.

Operation includes backing the trailer in to the water, attaching flexible drive shaft between power unit and pump shaft and connecting industrial tubing to the discharge pipe with a clamp.

Trailer allows pumping from several sites and water levels. Maintenance is practically eliminated by a design without seals or priming devices.

High flow per horsepower combined with solid steel fabrication make GATOR the best trailer pump on the market.

Item NameDescriptionDischargeSpec Sheet
Muskrat6" Pump - 540 RPM6"PDF Icon
Otter 8" Pump - 540 RPM8"PDF Icon
Seal10" Pump - 540 RPM10"PDF Icon
Dolphin12" Pump - 540 RPM12"PDF Icon
Stingray12" Pump - 540 RPM12"PDF Icon
Gar16" Pump - 540 RPM16"PDF Icon
Shark16" Pump - 540 RPM16"PDF Icon
Tarpon16" Pump - 540 RPM16"PDF Icon
Whale24" Pump - 540 RPM24"PDF Icon