Our customers often require modifications or custom work to meet their unique operational requirements. Here are 3 examples of customer requests that are now available to all of our clients:

The GATOR 3-pt tractor Canal Pump. Several growers in California and Florida needed a pto powered pump that could work as a tractor attachment along canals and ditches. Available in 6”, 8’ and 10” discharge sizes, with peak flows over 5000 US gpm.

The GATOR Pivot Pump was designed for pivot sprinkler operators with irrigation ground water access. The pump intake is double screened to filter objects that would clog nozzles or lines and is suspended on floats so the impeller rides at the surface.

The GATOR Cart Pump is a portable easy to load and use pump for small one-person operation. It is available in gasoline engine or electric motor models and has either a 2” or 3” discharge. Light and portable for ease of handling.