processed water, redirect sitting water to irrigate dry fields, and much more. We offer customization on the following pump elements:

Specialty Pump Materials

We offer several material types to meet the needs of different operational conditions. Material selection will influence physical properties, such as resistance to corrosion, caustic water substances, or abrasives found in water supplies.

  • Hardened steel. Hardened steel offers higher wear resistance against abrasive materials.
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel has a favorable wear resistance to certain abrasives and features good resistance standard corrosive elements and galvanic corrosion.
  • Mild steel. Mild steel offers cavitation erosion resistance for high-suction pumps, where the flow rate may cause the metal to be stripped or eroded away.

We offer other material options for corrosive or caustic materials. Evaluating the water source and possible substances that are present will help determine the ideal type of metal for your pump customization.

Discharge Line

The discharge line allows redirects pumped water to the desired location. Our pumps may be designed to discharge water and sediment to different spots, including left side, right side, overhead, or at an angle. We also provide a swivel discharge option or a regular stationary option. There are no additional fees for redesigning the discharge line location unless we need to extend the length of the line or add swivel connector fittings.

Power Drives & Motors

Gator Pumps can also accommodate customizations to a pumping system’s power drive and motors. Different power drives and motor options may include:

  • Frame-mounted engines
  • Tractors
  • Power take-offs (PTO)
  • Hydraulics
  • Electric motor mounted
  • Standalone engine power carts

When identifying the best power drives and motors for your pump, consider factors such as flow rate, sediment build-up, discharge line length, and vertical suction and power availability to inform your selection process.


At Gator Pump, we offer numerous mounting design customizations. The ideal mount will depend on the depth of the water source and other application-specific details. Our pumping options include:

  • Vertical mounts
  • Horizontal mounts
  • Floating mounts

Custom Requests

Here at Gator Pums, we can handle custom requests beyond basic design modifications. Varying types of water and substances make a world of difference for pump drivers, mounting, and types of material used to build the pump. You understand the needs of your application better than anyone, so we always listen to your input and strive to provide you with an optimal pumping solution for your needs.

For example, the project may require a change of the impeller for more water flow or to minimize the kill rate for live fish. Please visit our design specifications FAQ to provide our staff with more information about your specific project.

Types of Custom Water Pumps

Custom/Specialty Pumps
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Our Gator Specialty Pumps are used across applications and industries for their superior functionality and versatility. Industries that use our custom pumps include:

  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Wetland and waterfowl management
  • Flood control drainage
  • Sludge and slurry
  • Oil fields and refineries
  • Energy sources

Examples of Our Custom Water Pumps

Our customers often require modifications or custom work to meet their unique operational requirements. Here are three examples of customer requests that we’ve now made available to all of our clients:

  • The GATOR 3-pt tractor Canal Pump was designed for several growers in California and Florida who needed a PTO-powered pump that could work as a tractor attachment along canals and ditches. Available in 6”, 8’ and 10” discharge sizes, with peak flows over 5000 US GPM.
  • The GATOR Pivot Pump was designed for pivot sprinkler operators with irrigation groundwater access. The pump intake is double screened to filter objects that would clog nozzles or lines. It is suspended on floats so the impeller rides at the surface.
  • The GATOR Cart Pump is a portable, easy to load, and easy-to-use pump for small one-person operations. It is available in gasoline engine or electric motor models and has either a 2” or 3” discharge. Light and portable for ease of handling.

Specialty High-Capacity Water Pumps from Gator Pumps

Sometimes a standard industrial or agricultural pump just doesn’t have the current power or design to complete the job. Gator Pump offers fully customized pumps that address your specific challenges. Contact us or request a quote today to see how our specialty pumps can support your operation.