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GATOR Pump supports a multitude of industries & applications with high-volume irrigation and water pumping products. Our pumps are designed to handle water, sludge, or slurry in some of the toughest and most remote locations. 

As a leader in both water and slurry pumps, we’ve designed our products to easily and efficiently irrigate crops, manage flooding, remove waste, and much more. Our high-volume water pumps & industrial pumps are unrivaled in industrial settings. 

Our clients rely on GATOR pumps for everything from mining and construction, wetland management, flood control and drainage, oil and gas field applications, and more.

High-Volume Water & Slurry Pumps From GATOR Pump

We utilize key water and sludge pump designs, mounting options, and power supplies to perform in a wide variety of environments. 

The following are some of our standard pump designs, which accommodate a wide range of discharge rates and sizes, each of which can have fully customizable solutions.

  • GATOR Agriculture PTO Trailer Pump. Our mobile PTO trailer pump delivers high volumes and is the perfect solution for furrow-irrigated pipe and ditch systems or for driving pivot sprinklers and can also de-water and drain flooded fields.  Our standard PTO trailer pumps feature solid steel fabrication for fresh water operations, or can be constructed from stainless steel for brackish and salt water applications.


  • GATOR Canal PTO Pump. The Canal PTO pump features a quick and easy hookup and release mechanism with wide steel feet for greater stability on submerged river or lake bottom. The Canal PTO pump comes with a screened intake, Bondioli 1:1 ratio gearbox, and a cam lock fitting on discharge for extended operations. Simple enough for single-technician operation, you can easily raise and lower the pump with a three-point hydraulic tractor connection. 


  • GATOR Slurry/Sludge Pump. Our slurry pump can move heavy slurries and large solids (even those containing sand and gravel). An innovative modification to the discharge pipe allows an inline slurry valve to create an agitation effect to mix sediment thoroughly. The slurry valve is controlled by a hydraulic actuator lever at the PTO connection point.

Like all our pumping units, Gator sludge pumps come in custom lengths and discharge sizes. Our sludge pumps perform in demanding applications such as:


  • GATOR Vertical Pumps. Our vertical pump can be powered by an electric motor with a reduction gearbox, a stationary engine, a PTO, or a portable power supply. This versatility makes our Vertical Pumps ideal for construction applications involving cofferdam pumping or river bypassing as well as for fixed / permanent installations in pits and mixing tanks.


  • Floating Barge Pumps. We can also easily mount pumps onto a floating barge unit to adapt to changing water levels. Floating barge pumps are optimal when preparing for flooding and storm surge dewatering or for pit mining and slurry operations.

High-Volume Industrial Pumps from GATOR Pump

GATOR’s high-volume water pumps & industrial pumps excel in the widest possible range of water and slurry or sludge pumping challenges. Backed by extremely rugged design quality and over 45 years of experience, we provide a better range of choices to give our customers control in any pumping challenge, from outdoor land to indoor industrial settings.

Many industries rely on GATOR’s agriculture and industrial pumps to maintain efficient pumping for the exact scale of their needs. Contact us or request a quote to address your water, sludge, or slurry pump needs.