The Importance of Vertical & Float Mounted Water Pumps

Vertical and float mounted water pumps are key solutions to a wide range of water transfer applications.  We often recommend a vertical pump when a permanent pumping station is required, or when a small surface area is best accessed through vertical fixed installation.

Some pumping sites have a low point drain sump where vertical pumps with electric motor power panels or fixed diesel engine drive can be easily installed and serviced.  Similarly, ponds or pits may have a varied bottom contour, requiring a float mounted vertical pump that can be maneuvered to drain multiple locations, or simply keep the water level at a desired height.

Our GATOR vertical and float mounted water pumps can be easily transported to an operation site and are widely used in numerous industries from storm flood protection to mining and agriculture.

Industries That Utilize Vertical & Floating Barge Water Pumps

Many industries use vertical and floating barge water pumps to move water for various applications. These industries include:


  • Mining. The mining industry relies on vertical and floating barge water pumps for mine dewatering and water processing applications. As water becomes more scarce, mining operations reclaim, re-use, and recycle it throughout the process. Float-mounted barge pumps are ideal for mining because they allow for easy transporting and require less time and money to install. They allow for movement throughout the settling or tailings containment pond.
  • Power Generation. Floating barge pumps and vertical pumps are used in the power industry to transfer and balance water between settling and cooling ponds.
  • Agriculture & Irrigation. The agricultural industry uses vertical pumps and float-mounted barge pumps to transfer water for irrigation. The submerged pumps can lift water from any standing ground water source and transfer it to agricultural fields.   Vertical slurry pumps can agitate and pump manure sludge to dragline plow feed pumps or directly to drying fields.
  • Wetland and Waterfowl Management. Fixed mounted vertical pumps on piers and embankments are ideal solutions for water transfer between wet and dry habitats.  Float switches can engage and disengage a pump in order to maintain desired water depth in the wetland environment.


Vertical & Floating Barge Water Pumps Advantages and Capabilities

Vertical & Floating Barge Water Pumps Advantages and Capabilities

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Our vertical and floating barge water pumps offer efficient pumping solutions for moving water from various locations, making them essential for industries such as mining, power, storm surge protection, wastewater transfer, and irrigation. The pumps can be conveniently transported and fit into small spaces for operation in lakes, rivers, and various water bodies.

Vertical and floating barge water pumps offer numerous advantages and capabilities, including:

  • Space-saving. In environments where a traditional horizontal pump would take up valuable space, vertical pumps work best in limited water opening access.
  • Flexibility. Vertical pumps provide operators the ability to service and monitor the pump without removing it from the pumping medium.
  • Easy-operating. Vertical centrifugal pumps are mounted so the impeller is under water at all times.This makes priming unnecessary, which makes the vertical centrifugal desirable for floating applications


Vertical & Floating Barge Water Pumps From GATOR Pump

At GATOR Pump, we have been delivering high-quality pumping solutions for our customers since 1977. We fabricate our vertical pumps from solid steel for durability, and we offer maintenance and part replacements to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance. Contact us to learn more about our personalized vertical and floating barge water pump solutions, or request a quote today.