Power take-off (PTO) offers a convenient way to transfer an engine’s mechanical power to another piece of equipment. Commonly connected to large vehicles like trucks, tractors, and harvesters, PTO components can power accessories like mowers, compressors, and especially water and slurry pumps. 

PTO water pumps harness the power of a vehicle’s engine to effectively handle large amounts of water or slurry, even helping workers manage floods and stormwater. They are also vital to agriculture and construction applications.

Benefits of Using Power Take-Off Pumps

PTO pumps are a critical tool in many industries, utilizing the engine power of vehicles to manage fluids efficiently. PTO pumps can operate in remote or off-grid locations where electrical power is unavailable, pulling water or slurry into the pump’s housing and expelling it through the discharge pipe into a transfer system.

PTO water pumps are favored in settings that demand quick response and robust, flexible solutions for several key reasons:

Ease of Use

PTO water pumps are straightforward to operate. Once you connect the pump driveline to the PTO, it’s ready to use, allowing for easy use and reduced downtime. Operators can effectively manage fluid transfer with minimal training, making it a go-to choice for rapid-response scenarios.


PTO water pumps have fewer moving parts than other mechanical systems and are far less prone to breaking down. This clever design offers reliability and reduces the troubleshooting typically associated with more complex power units. Ongoing maintenance is also less intensive, translating to lower long-term costs and less operational interference.


Unlike stationary electric pumps, PTO trailer pumps can move along with the vehicle and its operator. This mobility is useful in fields or worksites where the area requiring drainage is spread out or shifting, allowing teams to respond to changing conditions on-site using deployable multiple setup options.

Material Benefits

PTO pumps can handle everything from clean water to heavy slurry without the risk of damage or significant wear, often outperforming other pump types in harsh environments. Their rugged construction and innate durability ensure they can withstand heavy use, making them a reliable choice for challenging conditions.

PTO Pumps Available At GATOR Pump

GATOR Pump offers a diverse range of PTO pumps, each tailored to meet the unique demands of industries like agriculture, construction, and environmental management. Below are some of the specialized models we offer:

  • GATOR Agriculture PTO Trailer Pump. Ideal for high-volume water pumpage, flood control, and irrigation. This pump is designed for large-scale agricultural operations where efficient water management is crucial.
  • GATOR Canal PTO Pump. Features steel feet and a simple three-point tractor hookup for pumping in canals and ditches. The pump’s design allows for single-person operation and includes a screened intake, cam lock fitting, and Bondioli 1:1 ratio gearbox.
  • GATOR Slurry/Sludge Pump. Designed to handle heavy slurries and solids, this pump is suitable for mining, quarry, and environmental cleanup operations. Its robust construction allows for the safe and efficient transfer of abrasive materials, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Custom lengths and discharge sizes are available.
  • GATOR Center-Pivot Irrigation Pump. Customized to support extensive irrigation systems using surface water and meeting precise water pressure requirements. This pump can be PTO-operated and can be made to float at or near the water surface. Connects surface water feed to large-scale sprinkler watering systems.
  • GATOR Vertical Pumps and Floating Barge Pumps. These versatile pumps are essential for construction sites and managing fluctuating water levels in mining and flood management scenarios. They perform well in varying water depth conditions for greater reliability and adaptability.

Power Take-Off Pumps from GATOR Pump

GATOR Pump’s range of PTO pumps embodies efficiency, versatility, and reliability. Whether you’re dealing with agricultural watering needs, flood management, or industrial slurry handling, our pumping solutions can support your pumping needs.

Request a quote today and harness the power of your existing machinery for optimal results.

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