Rice farmers need lots of water to produce a crop.  Irrigated rice receives about 40% of the world’s irrigation water and 30% of the world’s total developed freshwater resources.

When there is no rain due to climate change, as we see now during El Niño years, farmers will suffer poor production and even full crop loss if they do not have a way to irrigate. GATOR Pump has an affordable solution for farmers around the world who need to irrigate from rivers and lakes with high volume water pumps.

Watch this video of our 12” GATOR ditchrider pump, providing over 6000 gallons of water per minute to Haitian rice farmers who have not had a crop in over 5 years:

Thanks to Youth With A Mission Haiti, these farmers now have a 75 hp tractor that is using a mere 2 gallons of diesel an hour. They have the opportunity to produce around 22,000 sacks of rice on a 900 acre farm during the next couple of months.

In many humid tropical and subtropical areas, irrigated rice is grown continuously with two or even three crops a year. Amazingly, irrigated rice farms are typically small, with the majority in the 0.5 to 2 hectare range and these farmers are providing the fundamental food staple to people around the globe:   They need reliable efficient and rugged portable pumps to ensure a crop for their families and their neighbors and a GATOR PUMP can deliver the continuous flow of irrigation water needed for their farms.


The GATOR Pump is simple to use, easy to operate and will last over decades of use.   Our high volume water pumps save farmers time and money with our cost effective and fuel saving solutions.

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