When you need to drain or redirect water outside, you need a water pump. There are a wide range of water pump solutions available, each of which requires the proper power source depending on the requirements of your application. When choosing the right power source for your water pump, it’s important to consider factors such as cost, convenience, and the environment of your application. This guide will talk about various water pump power sources as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Types of Water Pump Power Sources 

You need to keep a lot of variables in mind when deciding on the power source for your water pump. It’s crucial to consider the specific parameters of your application to ensure you make the right selection. For example, you may need a different power source for pumping away surface water compared to pumping sludge. Types of water pump power sources include:

  • Diesel and gas engines. Diesel and gas engines are the most widely used power source for water pumps. The components of irrigation diesel water pumps include an electric generator pump, a controller or inverter, power cables, a draw-down pipe, and any accessories needed for the specific job. The advantages of this power source are its ample torque, easy installation, and relatively low investment cost. The drawbacks are the expense of operation, short lifespan, and noise and air pollution.
  • Electric motors. Electric motors are usually preferred if there’s a reliable source of electricity available. The components of electric motors are the rotors, bearings, windings, and commuter. The advantages of an electric motor are its low noise pollution, easy maintenance, and flexible installation. Additionally, electric motors don’t require refueling.
  • Hydraulic. The components of a hydraulic water pump are the reservoir, filters, shut-off valves, control valves, pressure-release valves, hydraulic fuses, and accumulators. Hydraulic power sources also rely on oil as the medium. The advantages of a hydraulic pump include its good overload protection, ease of control, and low failure rate.

Water Pump Power Source Considerations

When deciding on a power source for your water pump, there are several considerations, including:

  • Cost. Diesel-powered water pumps aren’t expensive, but the fuel is. However, larger pumps require more torque compared to current panels & battery-technology pumps. This limits solar power options to only the smallest gallons per minute (GPM) applications.
  • Amount of energy needed. Gas engines provide you with a lot of power as long as you’re willing to feed it fuel. Solar-powered pumps don’t give you the same torque but don’t need to be fed gas.
  • Working conditions. Electric motors offer many benefits, but they can only be used in areas that offer a source of electricity.
  • Environmental concerns. Gas-powered pumps aren’t expensive but have a high environmental impact. Solar-powered pumps have a low environmental impact but feature higher costs.
  • Amount of water that needs to be pumped. Since solar-powered pumps need to store water, they may not be as helpful on jobs with a lot of water to pump.
  • Engine-Mounted. The components of an engine-mounted water pump include vertical, horizontal, and floating mounts. The advantage of an engine-mounted water pump is it gives you greater control over the amount of heat you produce. The disadvantage of any motor powered by electricity is you may not have a source of electricity in certain situations.

Partner with Gator Pump

Every power source for water pumps has advantages and disadvantages based on cost, environmental impact, and working conditions. As a leading provider of custom pumps, Gator Pump can help you decide what type of water pump is perfect for your job.

We can configure any of our vertical, horizontal, and floating units with any gasoline, diesel, electric, or hydraulic power drive. We can provide stand-alone power cart units, or, for ease of operation and mobility, we can mount any of these power options directly to the pump frame. The advantage of an engine-mounted water pump is it gives you greater flexibility for continuous pumping operation.

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