GATOR Pump, Inc. Brownwood Texas, USA, leader in PTO powered centrifugal pumps, introduces a new pump designed for center pivot irrigation systems. Our agriculture customers requested a modification of our traditional GATOR trailer pump for surface water usage with their center pivot irrigation systems.

After extensive consultation with Mark Ewing of Mark Ewing Pivot & Pump Services, a San Angelo Texas based Reinke distributor (, the GATOR engineering team modified the intake, casing and impeller of this GATOR 8” discharge OTTER pump so it can now deliver 25 psi working pressure for a 2000′ Reinke pivot sprinkler system.

Introducing the GATOR Pivot Irrigation Pump

Large polyethylene pontoons are attached to the lower pump frame so the pump can rest just below the water surface. This allows the intake to float and helps prevent ingestion of bottom mud and debris.  The pump intake is screened with steel mesh to filter smaller contaminants that could clog pivot sprinklers.

Thank you Jimmy Toomey and Toomey Farms of Ferris, Texas for putting the GATOR Pivot Pump on your cotton fields!

Sometimes you just have to go where the water is and GATOR PUMP will go there with you!

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