Agricultural Pump Applications

agricultural water pumps
For over 38 years, GATOR Pumps have been used by agricultural producers worldwide. Whether your need is high-volume pumping, de-watering flooded fields, managing tail water or supplying water to flood and furrow-irrigated farmland, there is a GATOR Pump for every requirement.

Our rugged and durable design has made GATOR Pump a legacy pass down equipment for irrigation farm management; in fact some of our very first pumps made in the late 1970’s are still serving their owners and families today.

Agricultural Pump Applications include:

  • Crop irrigation pump (flood and row irrigation)
  • Dewatering of crops
  • Dairy and hog waste management
  • Tail-water reuse
  • Dredging water intakes for irrigation and aqua-culture
  • Harvesting of peat bogs
  • Cleaning of ponds or lagoons of sludge and sediment
  • Aquatic weed control
  • High-volume water transfers from ponds, canals, ditches, and rivers
  • Crawfish farms
  • Catfish farms

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