Livestock and poultry manure can reduce the expense of commercial fertilizers and provide valuable organic material and nutrients for crop and pasture growth.

Land application is the most common, and usually most desirable method of utilizing manure because of the value of the nutrients and organic matter.

  • Proper manure management improves water quality by preventing pollutants such as nutrients, organics, and pathogens from migrating to surface and ground waters.
  • Soil quality is also improved through the addition of organic materials that improve soil tilth and increase the soil’s water-holding capacity.

GATOR Pump has a proven, cost saving method of stirring the manure lagoon from the bottom of the pit and pushing a slurry mix to manure separators, tank trucks and drag line ploughs.

Watch this video of the GATOR Manure Slurry Pump on an 800 Cow Dairy Farm in Pennsylvania:


State and Federal environmental protection authorities require that manure be handled and applied to land so as to minimize runoff and leaching.  These restrictions affect livestock and poultry production costs and we save farmers money with this cost effective fuel saving solution.

The GATOR Manure Slurry Pump is simple to use, easy to operate and will last over decades of use.   

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