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Author: Gator Pump

Introducing the GATOR Center Pivot Irrigation Pump

GATOR Pump, Inc. Brownwood Texas, USA, leader in PTO powered centrifugal pumps, introduces a new pump designed for center pivot irrigation systems. Our agriculture customers requested a modification of our traditional GATOR trailer pump for surface water usage with their center pivot irrigation systems. After extensive consultation with Mark Ewing of Mark Ewing Pivot & Pump Services, a… Read More »

HAITI Rice Farmers and GATOR PUMP

By: Gator Pump on 04/20/16 | Category: News

Rice farmers need lots of water to produce a crop.  Irrigated rice receives about 40% of the world’s irrigation water and 30% of the world’s total developed freshwater resources. When there is no rain due to climate change, as we see now during El Niño years, farmers will suffer poor production and even full crop loss if… Read More »

GATOR Slurry PUMP for Manure Lagoon Management

By: Gator Pump on 04/19/16 | Category: Agricultural Water Pumps, Products

Livestock and poultry manure can reduce the expense of commercial fertilizers and provide valuable organic material and nutrients for crop and pasture growth. Land application is the most common, and usually most desirable method of utilizing manure because of the value of the nutrients and organic matter. Proper manure management improves water quality by preventing… Read More »

Pond De-Watering Solutions from GATOR PUMP

By: Gator Pump on 02/6/16 | Category: News, Products

The environmental impact of mis-managed reservoirs comes under ever increasing scrutiny as environmental consequences gain prominence. The expansion of the Mining Industry and wet processing of ore has led to a corresponding growth in the number and size of reservoirs. A tailings dam is typically an earth-fill embankment dam used to store byproducts of mining… Read More »

GATOR PUMP Waterfowl and Wetland Management

By: Gator Pump on 12/14/15 | Category: News, Products, Video

Watch this video and see our pump working in S. Carolina wetlands: GATOR Pump has a long-standing relationship with environmental conservationists and sports enthusiasts who use our pumps to control waterfowl habitats throughout the U.S.A.  Our rugged and portable trailer pump design can also be placed in fixed vertical installations to maintain and regulate wetland conditions… Read More »

GATOR PUMP Vertical Pumping Solutions

By: Gator Pump on 10/8/15 | Category: News, Products, Video

GATOR PUMP, the long-time leader in reliable centrifugal trailer pumps, also solves vertical pumping problems. Our rugged solid steel design can be mounted in fixed or floating vertical applications with the same dependable performance our customers have enjoyed for nearly 40 years. Watch our video and see the GATOR Pump at work. Call us today… Read More »